LoLa Art at Hennepin Healthcare

LoLa Art Graces Hennepin Healthcare Lake Street Clinic Walls


The art of several LoLa Artists graces the walls of the newly rebuilt Hennepin Healthcare Lake Street Clinic.  Megan Moore, Brendan Fraser, Meg Erke and Gordon Coons are among the many Lola artists that were chosen to have their art installed to lift the spirits of patients and beautify the clinic.  Unfortunately, you need to be a patient of the clinic to view this art – it is all back in the patient hallways and rooms!

Below are examples of the LoLa Art that was chosen for the clinic as well as a brief history of the Hennepin Healthcare Visual Art Collection.


Hennepin Healthcare Visual Art Collection History

The art collection at Hennepin Healthcare contains many wonderful and regionally important pieces. It began in 1975 when the medical center’s new buildings-in-progress revealed vast empty spaces that seemed to cry out for art. A committee was formed to acquire art for the new building. The committee first secured a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and obtained additional funding from the Minnesota State Arts Board to supplement philanthropic funds.

Then came the daunting task of reviewing more than 4,000 slides submitted by regional artists wishing to be included in the fledgling new collection. Narrowing the field to 25 artists in a series of marathon meetings, the committee then selected 17 pieces for purchase. When the new hospital opened on May 5, 1976, several pieces were ready for installation, and all 17 were installed by May, 1978.

Inspire Arts Collection

The collection is part of the Hennepin Healthcare Foundation’s Inspire Arts initiative, which also includes artists-in-residence and music therapy programs.

It continues today with an emphasis on works that are shown to be healing by research and evidence-based design. Nearly all works are from local and regional artists and are either purchased or donated by individuals and organizations. The Inspire Arts program grows, tracks and maintains the collection.

Artists with Artwork Shown on this page:

Across Top: Anita White, Sue Romain, Meg Erke;  Down the Side:  Megan Moore, Brendon Farley, Gordon Coons, Ricardo Levins Morales