Bob Schmitt

A Chinese brush with a Minnesota spirit: painting, calligraphy, prints, cards, scrolls and more.

Laughing Waters Studio

Come see Bob demonstrate how one-stroke can make a landscape

2PM Saturday & Sunday
Watch Bob create an entire landscape in one brush stroke
(or view video here: )
Come see artwork from the brush of Bob Schmitt
• One-stroke landscapes
• MN themed landscape paintings
• Chinese calligraphy
• Paintings on Gold Leaf
• Zen inspired paintings
• prints, cards, books
How many animals can you find in the Gardens of Laughing Waters?
There are 37 animals hidden in the Gardens of Laughing Waters:  
find 30 of them and receive a FREE NOTE CARD.
Laughing Waters Studio / 3718 E Minnehaha Pkwy / Minneapolis, MN
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